CLRS Ariat 876A

CLRS Ariat 876A 

5/8 SM 3/8 AN
W/C United 956Y  x  Hook's Xcellence 87X
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


  • Phenotypically, 876A is nearly untouchable for quality.  As one of the first sons of WC United to sell he offered a powerhouse combination of depth, thickness and structure with an absolutely awesome profile and front end.  

  • SAV Bismarck, SAV Final Answer and Mytty In Focus is a formidable combination of genetics on the Angus side with some of the best maternal genetics the Simmental breed has to offer with Shear Force, Pacesetter and Hunner of the Continental side.  

  • Ariat too is designed to promote growth ranking solidly in the top 5% of all SimAngus bulls for weaning and yearling weight genetics and should deliver moderation of frame even with the extra pay-weight he promises to generate.  

CLRS Ariat 876A


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