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CLRS Guardian 317G

CLRS Guardian 317G


Hook's Beacon 56B  x  CLRS Always Xcellent 317A
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


  • High selling bull in the 2020 Bred for Balance sale to Willie Morris, Joel Denio and Kirk Lynch for $85,000.


  • The #1 API Purebred in the ASA database, combining superior calving ease, tremendous maternal value and off the charts carcass quality.


  • Backed by the 87X cow family that is truly making their mark and are proven for hoof and udder quality.


  • "Guardian is one of the most unique Simmental Bulls I have seen, combining a top of the line EPD profile and the looks we all enjoy" - Tom Hook

CLRS Guardian 317G

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