Eagle Pass Conversion  x  Hook's Upper Limit 117U

Eagle Pass Conversion 

ASA Reg.#: 3080731

3/8 SM 5/8 AN

AAR Ten X 7008 S A  x  Hook's Sonya 20S

Heterozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


  • Big time outlier for improved feed efficiency genetics with breed leading profit bred right in.

  • -6.04 RFI EPD in the Grow Safe system to rank in the top 1% of all bulls with intake data evaluated.

  • Great calving ease potential with growth and carcass that excel the heifer bull competition.

  • +$195 for $API and nearly +$100 for $TI he brings extra genetic punch for real profitability.

  • $24,000 top selling bull at the 2016 Eagle Pass Ranch sale in South Dakota.


  • 10 traits in the top 10%.

Eagle Pass Conversion x Hook's Upper Limit 117U


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