Hook's Beacon 56B

Hook's Beacon 56B

Hook's Shear Force 38K  x  Hook's Zafirah 41Z
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


  • Hook’s Beacon 56B is simply the highest dollar value Homo. Polled/Homo. Black Purebred Simmental bull to have been produced in the entire Simmental breed to date.


  • Generating $API 190.2, $TI 91.7 in a 6 frame package with added length, substance and muscle, Beacon is a true outlier in every sense of the word. Hook’s Shear Force is the undisputed champion of trouble free genetics with nearly unequalled calving ease, maternal and carcass values. Beacon is the son poised to take the place of his legendary sire as he offers the same convenience traits with more yearling performance on a bigger footed, softer structured skeleton.


  • As you scan across his EPD profile, you will find 6 traits in the top 1% of all PB bulls, 12 in the top 10% and every trait above breed avg. except for backfat EPD and that higher backfat EPD may very well be a good thing for a purebred bull! Another unique genetic leap Beacon offers is that only a few high API bulls offer big time yearling growth and muscling values. Beacon posts top percentile EPD’s of +124.5 for YW and +1.42 for REA which is a dominant combination among breed leaders for profit indexes. 


  • Beacon’s maternal background is significant for production value as well. His two yr. old dam by GW Predestined 701T weaned Beacon off at 756 pounds to ratio 109, he then went on to a 108 ratio at yearling, 123 ratio for IMF and 115 for REA. His Grand dam, Hook’s Uno 54U posted an avg. weaning ratio of 114, avg. yearling ratio of 115, avg. IMF ratio of 109 and 111 for REA comparison and put two sons in seedstock herds.


  • The pedigree, the individual performance, the genetic profile and phenotype are all in place to give Beacon unprecedented potential to make more profitable cattle. 

Hook's Beacon 56B


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