Hook's Black Hawk 50B

Hook's Black Hawk 50B

Hook's Xavier 14X  x  Hook's Yvette 100Y
Black, Homozygous Polled




  • Black Hawk was bred for then purchased for his promise to promote top endcalving ease. The good news is in addition to his top 1% ranking for both CE and BW EPDs among all bulls that can sire purebred offspring, he offers a whole lot more.


  • Remember, the offspring of ¾ blood bulls like 50B, qualify as purebreds when mated back to purebred Simmental females so his EPD percentile ranks can be directly compared to purebreds when making sire selections. 


  • With that in mind Black Hawk ranks in the top 25% for YW EPD, top 10% for MCE EPD, top 10% for Maternal Weaning Weight EPD, top 1% for MB EPD and top 10% for Rib Eye EPD. When all of that data is combined to find the valuable bulls, Black Hawk scores a +$179 for all around genetic value and a +$85 value for terminal traits, both easily in the top 1% of the choices you have.


  • Black Hawk is quite simply bred to deliver profit and his young dam is doing just that with 2 calves weaned so far with an average weaning weight ratio of 109.


  • In person, Black Hawk is the smooth sided, deep bodied, moderate sized, sound footed bull you might expect from his pedigree and photo. You will find his popular sire Hooks Xavier among the elite SimAngus sires in the Allied directory as well.

Hook's Black Hawk 50B