Hook's Bozeman 8B

Hook's Bozeman 8B


GW - WBF Substance 820Y  x  Hook's Will Power 24W
Homozygous Black, Homozygous Polled


  • Bozeman is as deep, big footed, thick ended and stout as you can make one.

  • He is imposing from the side with his tremendous depth of flank, masculinity and ideal joint angle.

  • His outcross pedigree includes GW Substance x Triple C Invasion and GLS Frontier in the first three sire positions.

  • His top 1% ranking for DOC is indicative of Substance sons whose quiet nature puts them in high demand for those looking easier cattle to work with.

  • Use him to improve a large array of traits and add more volume to every cow he mates

Hook's Bozeman 8B


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