Hook's Xpectation 36X

Hook's Xpectation 36X

3/4 SM 1/4 AN

GW Predestine 701T  x  Hook's Mika 141M
Homozygous Red, Homozygous Polled


  • Keep every daughter! They are as good as any females in the beef industry.

  • Improves fleshing ability, udders, disposition, volume, thickness and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Proven heifer bull.

  • Big time carcass trait improver.

  • Use Xpectation to make improvement in profit for everyone.


  • It is not always easy to find a red bull or any bull to use on your first calf heifers that still moves your herd ahead genetically for Maternal Calving Ease, Milk, Docility, Marbling, Ribeye and profit. Xpectation can do just that.


  • His calves are consistently moderate for frame size, deep sided and very thick, with wonderful rear feet and soundess.  

Hook's Xpectation 36X


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