Hook's Yukon 80Y

Hook's Yukon 80Y


WS Beef King W107  x  Hook's Mika 141M
Red, Homozygous Polled


  • Maternal sire of note with unrivaled terminal trait value to boot!


  • Possibly the best son of WS Beef King to date and his balanced data helps prove it. Reports on calves are that they are born light, but get over it fast and look fantastic!

  • # 8 proven purebred sire for improving Rib Eye size. Many sons scan in excess of 17 square inches REA.

  • Highly proven at top 5% for Maternal Calving Ease, and top 2% for Maternal WW.

  • Powerhouse donor dam, Hooks Mika.

  • Outstanding, high producing daughters will be his legacy.

Hook's Yukon 80Y


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